Where to Find Casino Licenses for Sale


  • Industry Conferences and Events: Industry-specific conferences and events, such as gaming expos and trade shows, can be valuable places to network and discover opportunities to purchase casino licenses. These events often attract professionals from the gaming and casino sector, including license holders looking to sell.
  • Gaming Consultants and Brokers: Gaming consultants and brokers specialize in the casino industry and often have information about available licenses. They can act as intermediaries, connecting potential buyers with sellers and guiding them through the acquisition process.
  • Investment Firms: Investment firms and private equity groups may have insights into opportunities to purchase casino licenses. They may invest in or acquire casino businesses and licenses, and partnering with them can lead to potential opportunities.
  • Legal and Regulatory Authorities: Regulatory authorities and legal professionals specializing in gaming law may have knowledge of available licenses. They can provide information about licenses that are currently on the market and the legal process of acquiring them.
  • Financial Institutions: Some financial institutions or investment banks have dealings with casino operators and may be aware of licenses that are available for purchase. They may facilitate the financing of casino ventures and introduce potential buyers to sellers.
  • Online Marketplaces: Some online marketplaces or business-for-sale websites may list casino licenses for sale. However, exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence when exploring such listings to ensure their legitimacy.
  • Local Government and Economic Development Agencies: Local government and economic development agencies in regions where casinos operate may provide information about available licenses and investment opportunities. They may be interested in promoting economic growth through casino development.
  • Existing Casino Operators: Established casino operators may decide to sell their licenses or properties. Networking with industry professionals and exploring opportunities to purchase existing casinos can lead to the acquisition of a license.
  • Business Associations: Joining or networking with business associations and chambers of commerce can connect you with local businesses, including casinos. These associations may have information about businesses or licenses that are available for sale.
  • Legal Notices and Publications: Keep an eye on legal notices, industry publications, and government announcements, as they may include information about casino licenses that are available for purchase.


Remember that the availability of casino licenses can vary widely depending on the region and regulatory environment. Engaging with industry experts, consultants, and legal advisors can help you navigate the complexities of finding and acquiring a casino license. Due diligence is crucial to verify the legitimacy of any opportunities.